Sleep Apnoea Services range of Heated Humidification System's offer patients added comfort during the night. Browse our range of Humidifiers designed to work in unison with your CPAP machine to offer a solution to common CPAP Machine use problems. Many patients who are undergoing treatment for Sleep Apnoea are prescribed a Humidifier for their CPAP machine after they experience continuing dryness and coldness of the nose and throat. Heated Humidifier’s may be a simple solution to this.
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DeVilbiss SleepCube Heated Humidification System
  • Docks easily onto the SleepCube CPAP Machine base
  • Does not need additional power cords
  • 10 heat settings to find your optimum sleeping humidification needs
  • Compact design, ideal for use beside the bed


Sleep Apnoea Services have a range of high quality Humidifiers which work alongside your CPAP Machine for a more enjoyable CPAP Therapy. The optimum temperature setting of your Humidifier will be dependent on the ambience of your room; the temperature and humidity. Some Humidifiers simply dock onto the base of your CPAP Machine, such as the DeVilbiss Heated Humidification System, which is compatible with the SleepCube range of CPAP machines, including the DeVilbiss APAP and BiLevel therapy machines. 

Make your Sleep Apnoea Therapy a more enjoyable, comfortable and effective therapy with the addition of a Humidifier. The Humidifier is a key part of many patients’ treatment pathways, and has had good feedback within the area of Sleep Apnoea Treatment in terms of the success of assisting with problems such as coldness and dryness of the throat and nose from the continuous positive airway pressure.

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