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continuous positive airway pressure devices

The management of Sleep Apnoea requires an ongoing commitment to using your CPAP device- that means using your device each and every night. The great news is that  you should notice an immediate improvement within the first few nights of using your CPAP system. 

There are different types of CPAP therapy. Read on below for further information. 


Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) 

A CPAP device is a pump which delivers air at an increased pressure. It delivers a fixed or constant pressure all night long.


Automatic Positive Airway Pressure (APAP) 

An APAP device adjusts the pressure throughout the night to changes in the sufferer's airway.


Bi-level therapy (BiPAP) 

BiPAP therapy provides a lower pressure when exhaling, but a higher pressure when inhaling. It is considered a more comfortable option for the CPAP user, in particular for those who use CPAP on a high level of continuous pressure.

Humidifier Accessories

Many devices have the option to purchase humidifier accessories for you CPAP device or are built-in (dependent on the product). While you don't have to use a humidifier, it is a popular choice amongst those who use CPAP as it makes the air more comfortable to breathe in. It also alleviates dry nose and throats.

The Mask 

It is important to have a mask which fits you comfortably. Having a good night's sleep while feeling as comfortable as possible during CPAP therapy increases the likelihood of compliance to treatment. Compliance is inextricably linked to the effectiveness of CPAP therapy. Your physician will advise you the best mask for your treatment (some patients benefit from different masks due to the severity of symptoms) however you will be able to discuss this with your Sleep Clinician or GP when you are diagnosed and are given your prescription for Sleep Apnoea Therapy. There are a wide range of conventional nasal and full face masks, nasal pillows or oral interfaces available to order. 

Browse Sleep Apnoea Services for a wide range of products all designed to assist in your on-going management of Sleep Apnoea.

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