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DeVilbiss SleepCube AutoBiLevel

DeVilbiss SleepCube AutoBiLevel
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  • Provides an extra level of comfort for those who require Bilevel therapy
  • Features the ability to detect and change pressures relating to respiratory events such as apnoea, hypopneas and snoring 
  • Used for the treatment pathway of those with Sleep Apnoea 
  • Pressure range of 3 - 25 cm H2O in both Bilevel and CPAP mode

Brand:  DeVilbiss

devilbiss sleepcube autobilevel

The newest DeVilbiss SleepCube AutoBilevel adds that extra level of comfort for those who require Bilevel therapy. The AutoBilevel features all of the features of the BiLevel S, with the added ability to detect and change pressures relating to respiratory events such as apnoeas, hypopneas and snoring. 

The SleepCube AutoBilevel is used in the treatment of Sleep Apnoea. 

Traditional BiLevel therapy uses a higher fixed level of inspiratory pressure (IPAP) and a lower expiratory pressure (EPAP) to prevent apnoeas, hypopnoeas or snoring. 

Using the DeVilbiss ‘proven’ auto-adjusting algorithm, the AutoBilevel constantly monitors for apnoeas and events and upon their detection, the Bilevel pressure automatically adjusts to deliver the best possible treatment during sleep.
This is especially helpful and comfortable for those users who require high pressures.
The DeVilbiss SleepCube AutoBilevel can be used with added supplemental oxygen. You can do this with an optional oxygen adapter or if the CPAP mask you are using is equipped with an oxygen port directly to the mask. 

 Features of the DeVilbiss SleepCube AutoBilevel

  • Includes an enhanced SmartCode which provides an instant snapshot of user adherence as well as the performance of the device. By connecting the optional SmartLink module, module data can be recorded, stored and transferred to the SmartLink data software management system for further analysis and reporting. 
  • Pressure range of 3 – 25 cm H20 in both Bilevel and CPAP mode 
  • The IPAP of the device automatically adjusts in response to events while the pressure support setting ensures the EPAP stays below the IPAP by a constant amount 
  • Individual pressure rounding (0 – 5 increments) on IPAP and EPAP for additional comfort 
  • Quick View menu 
  • Soft Start feature that provides initial start up pressure comfort 
  • Actual pressure, leak rate, and patient breathing such as: respiratory rate, I/E ratio, minute volume and tidal volume will be displayed on the LCD 


  • Dimensions (H x W x L): 10.8 x 16.5 x 17.8 cm 
  • Weight: 1.18 kg 
  • BiLevel Pressure Range: 3 - 25 H20
  • Operating: 5°C to 40°C; 0% to 95% R.H.non-condensing
  • Atmospheric Conditions: Sea Level to 2600 m 
  • Storage & Transportation: - 40°C to + 70°C; 0% to 95% R.H.non-condensing
  • Sound level: < 26 db(A) 
  • Maximum Power Consumption: 65 W from AC power source(PAP device only)
  • Electrical Requirements: 100 - 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz; 12 VDC

SleepCube AutoBilevel Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the difference between a BiLevel S and AutoBilevel device? 

A BiLevel S is a variation on traditional CPAP. Instead of providing air at a constant pressure all night, the machine senses if you are breathing in or out and moves between the two set levels of pressure for both (IPAP) and (EPAP) according to the prescription as determined by your sleep specialists. The BiLevel S is seen as the luxury CPAP therapy, providing a more comfortable therapy to that of Continuous Airway Pressure Machines which have one fixed airflow rate. 

The Bilevel AutoPlus (featured product) contains the same features of the BiLevel S model, but with the added ability to detect and change pressures relating to respiratory events such as apnoeas, hypopneas and snoring.

If you have any questions about the AutoBilevel device please contact our Sleep Apnoea Services customer service team on 020 7720 2266 or alternatively via our Contact Us page on our website.


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