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CPAP Memory Foam Pillow

CPAP Memory Foam Pillow
 CPAP Memory Foam PillowCPAP Memory Foam Pillow 
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  • Designed for users of CPAP machines
  • Contoured design
  • Helps with neck, back and shoulder pain
  • Reduces mask pressure, mask shifting and leaks

Putnams CPAP Memory Foam Pillow

If you have been diagnosed with Sleep Apnoea you may worry about how you will adjust to the CPAP Machine and most importantly how the use of the mask will impact your overall comfort whilst sleeping. 

There are many things you can do to promote a restful night’s sleep while wearing your mask, including improving your sleep hygiene;

  • Sleep on breathable, natural fabrics such as cotton, linen or bamboo bed sheets 
  • Ensure your bedroom is a place of rest not worry (avoid working in bed on your laptop before sleep!)
  • Create a peaceful environment which is conducive to sleep- this is unique to every individual, but things such as having a clean, tidy environment free from clutter, a warm, comfortable room temperature and quiet, dimly lit space to help you feel sleepy and move your body into rest and digest mode
  • Avoid alcohol and caffeine a minimum of 4 hours before you go to sleep
  • Create a tailored relaxing pre-bed ritual, perhaps drawing a warm bath or drinking a cup of relaxing herbal tea to unwind

In addition to creating a relaxing space for sleep, Sleep Apnoea Services have a range of accessories available to order online which have been designed to help align the airways and improve comfort while you are wearing your mask and undergoing CPAP therapy.

One accessory which is popular for users of CPAP Machines is the Putnams CPAP Memory Foam Pillow. The CPAP Memory Foam Pillow by Putnams is the ultimate sleep apnoea mask designed specifically for users that suffer from the associated discomfort while trying to get comfy while using a CPAP Machines. The Putnams CPAP Memory Foam Pillow not only improves your comfort, it also promotes good posture and should also offer some assistance with airway alignment. 

The Putnams CPAP Memory Foam Pillow features an ergonomic shape to help rid you of stiff necks, backs and shoulders. The Putnams CPAP Memory Foam Pillow is available in 3 sizes. 

  • The small size is suitable for small users who would sleep on a small pillow or no pillow at all
  • The medium is suitable for ‘most users’ 
  • The large is for users who have broad shoulders or who usually sleep with 2 pillows

Sleep Apnoea Services offers high quality equipment and accessories for the on-going treatment of Sleep Apnoea. We are committed to offering the best possible CPAP machines, masks, accessories, sleeping aids and accessories such as the Putnams CPAP Memory Foam Pillow to ensure you get the healthy and restful night’s sleep you deserve. 


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